Mobile apps are diminishing the mobile web

So how often do you visit a mobile website and get this on the top of your screen?


Yeah, you got us! Very often, the site prompts you to use its native app, but you choose not to as you might have visited the site for the 1st time or you just want to complete one small task from the website. However, when you need to keep visiting the site more than once, you’re ultimately inclined to download the app. So what’s the end result? You never visit the website again. This is how mobile apps have impacted the rate of visitors on the site. It’s decreasing everyday.

The reason why you don’t visit the site again is because you get impressed by the user interface and speedy user experience of the site’s native app. Although you are ready to spend your storage space and get hiccups from your phone (due to annoying updates or daily notifications), you don’t want to compromise the ease of accessibility and smooth experience you get with the app.


What we think, the only way the mobile web can survive is by making the sites more similar to its native app user experience. For example, an e-commerce app consumes around 40-50MB, while giving an almost similar user experience on its native site. This shows that it is possible to offer the same experience on the site, but instead, they encourage you to download the app, just to increase their app downloads in order to provide you a smoother experience (which is not so different from the native site).