How to become a full-stack developer?

Most undergrads or aspiring web developers have this question in their mind – How to become a full-stack web developer? 

Web development is a very lucrative and exciting career for many youngsters these days. It gets you good pay and the flexibility of working from anywhere and anytime. This domain has very much become one of the most sought after careers in recent years. 

Which is why there are quite a lot of training opportunities like coaching centres (both offline and online), and learning lessons have opened up. 

But before we understand how to become a full-stack web developer, we must know what exactly is a full stack developer. 

Here is your answer. 

A Full-stack Developer? 

A person who knows the programming languages and is good at frontend and backend parts of a web application is known as a full-stack web developer. 

Now you would ask what do we mean by the terms frontend and backend? Don’t worry these do not carry as grave a meaning as they sound like. 


As the name suggests, this is a part of the application that the user sees or uses on their devices. A developer who is good at making this part of an application is called a frontend developer. 


This is that part of an application that stays behind the user’s screen and is essential for command execution. It consists of: 

  • Database related processes 
  • Server configuration 
  • Logical processing 
  • Validation of users

As a full-stack developer, you do not need to have expert knowledge about all these fields related to frontend and backend development. You just need to acquire some preliminary and expert knowledge and understand how these technologies work while executing the entire application. 

These steps mentioned below will help you to become a full-stack web developer in no time! 

Learning Basic Programming Languages 

If you want to be a robust web developer, you must know these programming languages and technologies. 


This is an important language that you MUST know as a web developer. You can use it in both frontend and backend processes. This computer language is used as a server-side language. Browsers are built upon it as well. 


You can put content into a website using HTML. CSS is a tool that is used for designing and altering the appearance of the website. These are essential tools in web development and are taught in all necessary training sessions. 

Backend Technologies 

After you are well versed with HTML and Java, you need to know at least one programming language used for backend coding processes. Most functions like database operation, logical operations and user validation, take place at the backend of a website. 

If you are taking any course for web development, they will teach you about the backend technologies like Java, PHP, Node JS, MySQL or Python. You are always advised to have expert knowledge about these languages. 

Knowledge Refining 

Make sure you have your fundamentals correct. HTML/CSS and JavaScript are the basic stuff you need to be thorough with to understand full-stack web development. 

Always test what you have learnt. Start with creating test web pages and applying those learned concepts into the course. You will find JavaScript in almost 99 percent of the web apps. 

Make a note of the programming concepts that will help you to improve your coding skills. Some of these concepts are: 

  • Networks and their nuances 
  • Servers and their functioning 
  • Algorithms and their formulation
  • Web hosting environment
  • Databases and their management
  • Data structure types properties and use 
  • Programming technologies 

The next thing you know is you can put together various parts of an app and create a whole out of the features. It is always much easier to know how each component works before applying your knowledge anywhere. 

Know All Techs But Be A Master Of One 

Your brain is only limited, so there are only certain things that you should choose to feed your brain. If you look forward to learning all the languages on the earth, you are most likely to go crazy. 

Similarly, you will get to know that you can have expertise in so much more to learn. There is no need to run after understanding everything. 

Choose one language and be a master of it instead of choosing a lot of mastering none. 

Your experience grows, and with time, you will also improve your technologies. Choose a quite right technology among your clients, which will help you compete with your rivals in a healthy way that produces a lot of practical work. 

As you grow, you will quickly have a promising career for yourself and even shift to other places if you want to. 

A Course Helps 

You need to have information about all the new technologies that keep adding up. The best way to keep learning is to enrol yourself into one of the learning courses. 

An online or offline course is right for your skills. These are some of the organizations that give out courses:-

Go for the one that is most effective for you. This means the course should have a considerable duration and doesn’t charge too much. 

It would definitely be so much better if you were looking for these checkpoints while looking for a course. 

  • Clarification of doubts by tutoring either individually or in the group.
  • Has ample projects as a part of the curriculum.
  • Knowledgeable coders for mentoring.
  • Duration flexibility so that it matches your schedule. 

Get Practical Exposure

The most crucial and tough part of the process is understanding all the essential technologies like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, databases, back end programming and HTTP/REST. It is now finally time for you to implement all this knowledge into an application. 

  • You need to know the correct way to structure your code. 
  • Understand your environment to host large files 
  • Know the means to separate files. 
  • Know the right data structures that you should use. 
  • Know the location of each computational task. 

You can have theoretical knowledge by reading online stuff. Still, you should implement your experience into an actual trial web application to understand an app architecture correctly. 

This would add all the crucial practical exposure that you need to have as a full stack developer. You can work in a team or independently. 

You can also apply to a few small companies who would be willing to hire developers for their work. You will need a degree for this, but some small ones may fetch you work without a degree as well. 

Take Up Additional Work 

The best way to improve all your skills and add extra value to your organization is to take up additional projects in your company or the one that you work for. 

Most companies appreciate if you don’t try to bring anyone else up into this path of learning! 

It Is Not That Hard! 

All these terms and the beginning may appear a little challenging. Experience always makes it easier. 

Improving your skills is essential, and it can be more comfortable than it looks like. If you understand and can work on every aspect nicely, you will only be more sought after by companies. 

Good luck with that and tell us how your journey has been so far as a web developer!