Top 10 Easy-to-use CRM Software for Sales and Marketing
Top 10 CRM

What is Open Source CRM Software, and how does it work?

Client relationship management, or CRM, is a tool that allows businesses to more effectively interact with customers and analyze sales made in previous relationships.

Open source CRM tools have recently grown in popularity, with many incoming and existing businesses opting for the great free CRM solutions available.

Open source CRM systems, both paid and free, make their source code available to the public. Some free CRM solutions’ source code can even be distributed or updated to add new features to their existing ones. The major goal of making CRM software open source is to guarantee that it runs without errors for as long as possible.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Free Online CRM Tool

  • Data analysis

The ideal open source CRM software is required to create extensive reports and visualizations on the success of your important strategies.

  • Personalization

The ideal free CRM for setup should have advanced personalization, allowing you to change key parts of the software to better match your brand. This encompasses the broader context, as well as the topic and much more.

  • Quality of a support desk

Open source CRM software should include a devoted helpline, allowing your team to persuade prospective customers into loyal consumers and effectively resolve customer complaints. Managers can use the Helpdesk to monitor the effectiveness of their CRM team.

If you’re a startup or a Customer-oriented company seeking the finest free CRM solutions, we’ve drawn and created a collection for you.


  • With 11 products, Zoho CRM Plus is a complete customer engagement suite. It provides clients with equalization of opportunities because of its swiveling consumer view. On an unified platform, Zoho CRM Plus allows you to handle marketing, sales, project management, and team collaboration.


  • Bring your offline sales practices into your CRM and ensure that all of your sales reps are following them at all times.
  • Create rules in your CRM that are based on your actual sales processes. Assign leads to the appropriate salesperson, approve discounts, and verify sales data according to your specifications.
  • Clean up the data in your CRM. Define a procedure for your team to review incoming data, accept or reject it, and provide appropriate comments based on its quality.


Free Forever – $0 Per Month

Standard – $11 Per Month

Professional – $19 Per Month

Enterprise – $33 Per Month

Ultimate – $35 Per Month

2. Hubspot

HubSpot CRM excels at equipping businesses to build intriguing, long-lasting relationships with its customers and encourage intelligent discussions with them. This skill, in turn, aids those organizations in increasing revenue by utilizing critical information obtained from client data obtained through communication channels such as phone calls, website visits, and social media engagements.


  • With proper migration and population, you can have a single customer view that monitors their relationship with the appropriate organization.
  • Colleagues, activities, correspondence, membership and engagement on mailing lists, website activity. The list goes on and on.
  • One of HubSpot’s greatest assets is its single customer view and the way it integrates across the platform.


Marketing Hub

Free Forever – $0 Per Month

Starter – $45 Per Month

Professional- $800 Per Month

Enterprise- $3200 Per Month

Sales Hub

Free Forever – $0 Per Month

Starter – $45 Per Month

Professional- $450 Per Month

Enterprise- $1200 Per Month

3. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is an open source CRM software that allows you to keep track of and analyze all of your client information in one place. The software also allows for additional tweaking, allowing you to craft it to your product ’s quality. SuiteCRM also allows for seamless integration of various enterprise solutions in your network.


  • SuiteCRM includes a team of developers that facilitates code changes and explanations as needed.
  • This free CRM solution has a scorecard that allows you to track critical data and eliminate all monotonous operations.
  • SuiteCRM’s reviews and ratings let you translate prospects into customers with better accuracy.


Free Download for all

4. Bitrix24

Utilizing communicative capabilities like video conferencing, chats, and dedicated workstations, Bitrix24 free lead management software promotes teamwork across individuals of a CRM team. The free Bitrix24 CRM app also includes a customer support centre, which allows firms to respond to client inquiries instantaneously.


  • The programme may be combined with a variety of social media sites to improve client engagement.
  • It also employs Intelligence bots to respond to typical client questions.
  • Your CRM administrators may interact with customers on a variety of platforms, including mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Pricing – Yearly Plans

  • Free Forever Plan – $0 per month
  • Basic- $39 per Month
  • Standard – $79 per Month
  • Professional – $159 per Month

 5. Vtiger

Vtiger is a freeware sales CRM software that allows you to improve collaboration between different departments in your company. The software comes with a profile kit that you can use to efficiently pursue prospects. Vtiger also allows users to view their emails from within the software’s UI.


  • Vtiger has a Help Desk tool that allows you to auto-assign cases to executives or elevate issues that need to be answered quickly.
  • The program enables your company to communicate with clients across various social media platforms.
  • Vtiger is customer-friendly, with an identity interface that allows users to discover solutions to their own queries.


  • Professional – 25$ Per Month
  • Enterprises – 35$ Per Month

6. CiviCRM

The open-source CRM platform CiviCRM has improved interoperability with third-party programs. The software is notable for assisting with customer contact handling, making it simple to maintain all of a client’s credentials in one location. CiviCRM, the best free CRM software, can also be heavily modified.


  • Your organization’s accounting solutions can be integrated with CiviCRM software.
  • The programme allows for improved content marketing as well as free email communications.
  • You have the option of selecting from over forty report templates or creating your own bespoke report.


It’s free for all users.

7. Freshsales

  • For superior customer service, Freshsales CRM software free download employs artificial intelligence-based solutions. The programme can also be used to create custom web forms without the need for complicated coding. Freshsales can also be used to send prompted messages to clients via the website or an app.


  • You can get all the details you need about contact with Freshsales, including their involvement, payment information, and more.
  • For generating email marketing, it has a drag-and-drop capability.
  • Well before the promotion is deployed, the programme allows users to see it on a variety of devices.


  • Free – $0 per month
  • Growth – $18 Per Month
  • Pro- $40 Per Month
  • Enterprise – $75 Per Month

8. Flowlu

Flowlu’s free open source CRM software isn’t just for small businesses; it’s also becoming extremely prevalent among huge corporations. Flowlu integrates with a variety of mailing providers, including Gmail, Outlook, and others. You will also be alerted if your target opens the Flowlu-sent email. It’s also simple to allocate tasks to critical tasks, such as to-dos.


  • You can evaluate the CRM player’s success using the Sales funnel.
  • Flowlu provides precise information on currency exchange rates, percentages of sales made across various phases, and much more.
  • Buyers can use Flowlu’s webforms to provide feedback that is directly recorded within the Flowlu interface.


  • Intro- 30$ Per Month
  • Business- 58$ Per Month
  • Professional- 118$ Per Month
  • Enterprise- 190$ Per Month

9. YetiForce

YetiForce is a free CRM for small businesses that work on a variety of platforms, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. On GitHub, YetiForce provides secure solutions and assistance. Its cost remains constant even as the number of systems using the software grows, making it one of the top open-source CRM software options.


  • A consolidated interface where several elements and components, such as prospects and complaints, can be displayed.
  • Yetiforce offers a contemporary planner that can help you manage your time and your employees’ effectiveness.
  • Yetiforce allows users to color customer segments in order to organize them according to their preferences.


Free – $0 per month

Hosting + Support – $53 Per Month

Cloud + Support – $75 Per Month

8H Package – $409 Per Month

10. OpenCRX

To render the system more reliable, OpenCRX CRM software for free download provides rigorous vocation access to the information. It is compatible with a wide range of databases and runs on J2EE 6 Web Profile complaint servers. OpenCRX is a cloud-based solution that provides enterprises with improved adaptability and reliability capabilities.


  • OpenCRX provides a comprehensive view of various accounts and assists you in keeping track of the status of purchases made.
  • It provides customizable pricing options that may be changed in real time, as well as multiple price lists in various currencies.
  • The software has activity monitors that may be used to keep track of various projects as well as CRM staff.


OpenCRX pricing starting from 1$ Per Month


Before choosing a CRM for your business, you might have some common questions in your mind such as: 

  1. Do I really need CRM for Sales and Marketing?
  2. Can I integrate CRM with other processes? 
  3. What further things do I require? 
  4. How much money do I have to spend for a CRM? 

Hopefully, with this blog, we have been able to make your decision-making process easier and this will help you begin your search for a CRM. Keep in mind that each extra feature tends to increase the cost and make the setup more difficult. Zoho’s free plan lasts indefinitely, and their subscription plan is less affordable than Freshsales or Hubspot. Stick with what you need rather than fumbling with complex options you won’t use, and you’ll likely save money.