Case Study on Classplus: Indian Start-up Founders on Forbes 30 Under 30
Classplus co-founders in Forbes India 30 Under 30

Are you dreaming of seeing yourself on the pinnacle of success one day? And don’t you worry if you’re not there yet. The goal is not to give up, ever. 

You would find this article even more relatable if you are into the world of commerce, business, startups. In short, if you want to make your own world of success and not actually work with someone else. 

We are all aware that Forbes magazine is a very reputed one in the world. It is, in fact, one of the best, and it takes immense effort and hard work to see your name and photograph on its page. 

If you dream of seeing yours on the front page of this renowned magazine, this article should be a source of utmost inspiration for you. 

What is Forbes 30 Under 30? 

Classplus Co-Founders: Bhaswat Agarwal (left) & Mukul Rastogi (right) on Forbes 30 Under 30

Every year, Forbes magazine publishes a list of the top 30 entrepreneurs who are under the age of 30. In India, we have our top 30 entrepreneurs as well who have made it to the Forbes magazine. 

It takes the utmost hard work and dedication to achieve such a position and appreciation from all over the world. The ones who have made it deserve to be sources of motivation and inspiration to millions in the country. 

We shall be taking a case study today. Let us discuss a specific case, the Classplus – an Edutech Start-up, whose founders have made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30.


Classplus was started in 2018 by Mukul Rastogi and Bhaswat Agarwal with one mission. The aim was to develop a solution for hyperlocal coaching centres and their entrepreneur owners to run their entire coaching on an online platform. 

The second aim was to flip the learning method based on the internet and often puts the teachers aside to ensure that the technology is only there to support the teachers and the coaches’ efforts. 

During an interview Rustagi said, “today Classplus consists of more than 50k educators and coaching centres that serve more than 10 million students. During the recent outbreak of the virus, we launched Classplus lite, which is a free mobile app for teachers with a small student base, and this has more than 500k users as of now.” 

Agarwal was of the opinion that the local coaching centres that had about 100 to 150 students offline had grown their student base by almost four times within the past year using Classplus. 

“We have made sure the first time educators can set up their own online coaching businesses from scratch and scale them up in a great way,” says he. 

They have raised almost four rounds of capital in the last two years. It comes to a total of $23 million, which includes investors like Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, AWI, Blume Ventures and RTP Global

Rajan Anandan, the leader of Sequoia’s surge programme, says, “in the last one and half years, Classplus has grown it’s consumer base and revenues manifold and launched several breakthrough products”. 

“The team has shown extraordinary efforts and proved that it could build outstanding products and provide solutions swiftly. They will, without any questions, build a huge and enduring company.” 

Finding Success In A Tough Year 

The past year has been comparatively tough for everyone. Be it for a multi-billion-dollar company in India or a startup. Finding success in a year like 2020 can be very challenging. Yet Forbes India has come up with the list of the top 30 most influential entrepreneurs of our country, two of whom are Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal. 

While many young entrepreneurs have made it closer, we see people losing hope and inspiration while they are so close to making it to the top. Many even go back to their 9 to 5 jobs instead of holding on to their dream. 

Whereas some haven’t given up. They have stuck to their wishes and aspirations even during the challenging year and challenging times. The 29-year-old duo who have made it to the top 30 under 30 have founded Classplus and digitised local coaching centres and boasts 50k teachers on their platform. 

Specifications: Classplus 

  • They have launched their mobile app also, which is called Classplus Lite, even during the problematic pandemic. They went remote and have garnered more than 500k users. 
  • Classplus has an overall rating of 4 out of 5. It is a platform where tutors, coaches, and educators can create online courses, manage classes, track attendees, and conduct tests daily. 
  • Such tools are available readily all over the internet, but not a lot of them are reliable and create a robust base for a large audience to use them efficiently. The lockdown that followed the pandemic created education bridges that need to be filled as soon as possible. 
  • Agarwal and Rustagi have not only made their dreams come true, but they also have shaped millions of others. Educators who take satisfaction in teaching and learners who are blessed to have education in touch times like these. 
  • Users are of mixed opinion on the internet. Some are satisfied with the platform, while others are not, and this is ubiquitous as every application is not flawless. 

Here is a list of all the entrepreneurs who have made it to the topmost, that is, featured on the magazine, Forbes 30 Under 30. 


Therefore, it is nothing that we can’t have if we don’t work hard for it. If we are not getting that, it means we have just not worked hard enough. And if we want something or want to reach somewhere bad enough, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to have it. 

Classplus Start-up Founders Mukul and Bhaswat have set more than just an example for all the budding entrepreneurs in our country. We may be very close to achieving our dreams, and we wouldn’t know it. 

It is only at this hour that we should hold our patience right there and not give up. For if we do, all we’ve done to come till there would be futile, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?