Best Mobile Application Development Tools

If you want to have some knowledge of the best mobile app development tools out there, check this blog out because we are listing some of the best tools that are going to be very useful if you are looking to have specific mobile applications developed in 2021. 

This read covers some of the best and robust tools that are good for both Android as well as iOS mobile app development.  

The tools cover the following specifications: 

  • Advertising tools 
  • iPhone application development tools 
  • Mobile Analytics tools 
  • Recommended tools 
  • Cross-platform application development tools 
  • Augmented reality tools 
  • Artificial intelligence tools 
  • Push notifications tools 
  • Mobile payments tool 
  • Games engines 
  • Application development framework 
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We shall be covering each section throughout to let you have an excellent experience while you’re looking for some mobile app development tools. 

Recommended Tools 


Buddy lets you have seamless and changeset based deployment. It has a wide arena of dedicated, and pre-confined actions and services for app deployment automation which then gets easier than you’ve ever known. This is a tool that is going to help you build, sign, publish and test your android app very easily with just a single click. If you are looking for these things in a tool, then Buddy is the right option for you. 

  • Intuitive and clean UI/UX 
  • More than 100 actions 
  • Dedicated android action like React Native, Flutter and Ionic and more. 
  • Support for all the task managers and popular languages
  • Google, DigitalOcean, Azure, WordPress integration and AWS. 


Kobiton makes continuous testing and IoT/Mobile DevOps a possibility. It prevents bugs before pushing the code for testing, improves your mobile app or website with the help of Functional, visual test automation and performance, resolves issues before releasing to production and quickly deploys, plus kicks off tests with seamless CI/CD integration. 

  • Cloud-ify local devices for remote accessing 
  • Testing on real devices in the cloud 
  • Integrated with Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI and more 
  • Unlimited user policy and commercial scalability 
  • Scripted or unscripted automated functional, visual testing and performance 
  • Have access to real devices within your IDE for quick debugging 


Jamf is such a useful tool that helps you to manage, connect and protect Apple applications, products and corporate resources on the cloud. It also gives you a solution for education and business problems. 

  • Lets you have a configuration with WiFi and email contacts calendar easily.
  • Makes patch management of iOS, macOS and iPadOS. 
  • Let’s you have a configuration with VPN with your custom profile. 
  • Gives support in email and chat.

Advertising Tools 


With Appypie, you can make mobile apps without coding. You can have integration with social media without any trouble. It also provides app analytics to make your user experience even better. 

  • It helps you to make a multilingual application
  • You get to send push notifications to customers
  • Add GPS location tracking in your app 
  • Have it on both Android and iOS 
  • Have integration with Shoutcast, Beatport and SoundCloud 

Unity Ads 

Unity Ads helps publishers have integration of video ads with mobile games in such a way that increases player engagement. Besides that, it also gives the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of any such global rewarded video ad network. 

  • Simple and easy setup 
  • Introduction of rewarded video ads without interruption of gameplay 
  • It gives gamers an incentive by giving them rewarded video ads. 
  • Creates a positive player experience 
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iPhone application development tools


Swiftic is an iPhone app development software has a very easy to navigate interface that lets anyone create an application. With its great features that help to make this helpful app, it also gives ease to your eyes. 

  • You can publish the application in the leading stores 
  • Grow customer loyalty even more 
  • Create your custom app and loyalty program for any business 
  • It guarantees you to bring real business 
  • Reach out to your potential customers by sending them some eye-catching push notifications 
  • Their success team helps you all the way 
  • Encourage your customers to get in contact by letting them an email or call 

Mobile Analytics tools

App Watch 

It is a cloud-based mobile analytics and security tool. It also helps the user’s to secure their mobile applications from being hacked. It has its user trust and ensures that the application is always going to remain secure. And trust me, if you’re a newbie at this, you’re going to have to depend on such tools that guarantee security a lot. 

  • Let’s you have a complete scan of your mobile app 
  • SDK scanning or third party library
  • It generates custom reports with modified logo, comments and description. 
  • Identification of sensitive values hardcoded 
  • Verification of each of the identified issues again with various techniques
  • It helps you to identify all possible security vulnerabilities that can be attached to them. 
  • It has the ability to scan apps using webview and identify security threats. 

Cross-platform application development tools


Xamarin from Microsoft is a very preferred mobile app development tool for native apps. It reused business logical layers and accessed data across all platforms. It is quite frequently used to build applications for Windows, Android and iOS app development. 

  • Its components store has UI controls, a third party library, cross-platform libraries and more 
  • It is a mini framework that allows communication with the API of mobile devices 
  • It produces fewer bugs and therefore gives you a faster time to market your application
  • Let’s you have application indexing and deep linking 
  • The platform specifics lets you consume functions that can only be available on specific platforms. 


Appcelerator lets developers make applications with fewer lines of code. This tool supports iOS, Windows, Android and all Browser-based HTML 5 apps. 

  • It improves the speed of the mobile app development 
  • It gives you a higher cloud capacity 
  • It helps you build mobile apps for all supported operating systems
  • It is built on open standards and has full access to the underlying mobile operating systems 
  • On-premises or virtual private deployment
  • Supports multiple region global deployments


PhoneGap an open-source and free to use mobile app development framework. This one falls into the section of cross-platform app development. You can also use it for developing a single application that works on all mobile devices. 

  • Works very nicely on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML 5 
  • Let’s you have development of various mobile apps with lesser efforts and time 
  • It can even integrate with various libraries to make the app development even better 
  • It assists developers to extend the functions of the app by using the plug-in architecture
  • It is a very powerful tool for building applications without any such special skills 


Ionic is an HTML 5 mobile app development framework that is very popularly used for making hybrid mobile applications. It is pretty helpful to create mobile applications using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS and sass. 

  • It is a 100 per cent free and open source project
  • It gives good tools and services to make highly interactive applications
  • Builds progressive native and web applications on every excellent app store 
  • Let’s a web developer to make an application for all-important app stores with the single code base 
  • Has many CSS and JavaScript components for the development of mobile applications
  • It uses native SDK and has UI guidelines. 


Mobincube is a very nice app interface for users who can develop any type of mobile application. The developers can make apps for education, business, health, entertainment and any kind of industry they want. 

  • You can make mobile stores and assist in boosting your sales 
  • This tool allows you to integrate with third-party solutions within the application itself 
  • Helps you to create advanced functions 
  • Allows updating online contents 
  • You get to customize every tiny detail in the application
  • Accessible communication with your users  


Longrange is a native mobile application development tool that has components like tabs, navigation, form views and commands. It also needs an installation of the LongRange Servers, though. 

  • It executes a native application with rock-solid reliability and very fast speed 
  • You can make native apps using RPG/CL with DDS 
  • Make apps without any JavaScript or CSS or HTML knowledge
  • Developing of apps with just basic programming level experience
  • This tool gives the infrastructure for the app 
  • You only need to write one time and deploy to Apple and Android mobiles 
  • Utilization of mobile features like camera, GPS, audio, SMS and more 
  • Automatic push app updates into your phones 
  • It reduces the cost of maintenance and extending mobile applications 


Qt is a cross-platform SDK tool gives you cost-effective design, development and deployment. You can have developers deliver the best kind of user experience across all your devices. 

  • All new enabler classes for rendering and windowing 
  • Gives support for opaque private keys 
  • Compiler and parser optimization implementation
  • Workarounds are there for the buggy SSL servers 
  • Help and support for IPv6 and the dual-mode networks 

Alpha Anywhere 

Alpha Anywhere is a fast mobile applications development and deployment tool that is used for making cross-platform web and mobile business applications. 

  • It is a very effective tool for making a cross-platform mobile app
  • Fine-grained delegation of the resources management 
  • Mobile data security of enterprise-grade 
  • Publish directly from this tool’s development environment
  • Solve all the offline sync problems 
  • Comprehensive backend data access 
  • Pre-built sample application that the developer can modify or keep as a reference for their phone apps 
  • SSL and HMAC for data encryption
  • High-level data integration and data transformation 


That’s all for now, people! Do leave your comments and tell us which one of these mobile app development tools proves to be the most useful for you.